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Lena Krämer

Since starting the Conservation of Books and Library Materials programme at West Dean College in 2018, I have been developing my skills as a conservator, working with professionals in the field in the UK and abroad, and exploring book binding structures in some of my own independent binding work.

Bibliopegia (also 'bibliopegy') refers to the art of bookbinding. The word literally means 'to fasten together a book', which is why I like using it to refer to conservation.


What I Do



At West Dean College, I have been working on real clients' objects from day one. An understanding of materials science, ethics, preventive conservation, and professional standards ties in with my technical skills to provide solutions that best suit the individual items' needs.



Bookbinding gives me an opportunity to explore historic book structures by creating binding models, and allows me to get creative by using modern materials and techniques in an original way.


Work Experience

I have undertaken placements at The National Archives, Sussex Conservation Consortium, the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, and with Caroline Bendix at the Codrington Library at All Souls College, Oxford.



Examples of My Work



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Social media

Fish Skin Bind-O-Rama

My experiments with homemade fish parchment and leather featured on this year's Bind-O-Rama, along with incredible work by binders and artists from all over the world.

Fox and Robin Bindery

My handbound notebooks are available for sale in this Etsy shop 

West Dean Student Conference

A recording of my contribution to a panel discussion in the West Dean Student Conference 2021 on the topic of sustainability and accessibility can be found here


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